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Jesmona range


Jesmona Black Bullets are a very traditional mint flavoured sweet, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Black Bullets themselves are a fairly typical sweet from the North East of England where the word "Bullet" is a dialectic term for any boiled sweet. One myth surrounding Black Bullets is that they derive their distinctive shape and size from having been made in the moulds for musket balls. While we cannot say for sure whether this is the case, we can say that they do not form part of the modern production technique!

Indeed one theory behind the growth and popularity of Jesmona Black Bullets in the North East is down to their clean mint flavour, which was welcomed by the miners and industrial workers, who were not allowed to smoke at work.

The Jesmona brand, itself is somewhat antiquated, but is believed to take its name from the Jesmond area of Newcastle in the heartland of Black Bullet eating. Whatever the origin, Jesmona has become the name for Black Bullets.

In many respects, Jesmona Black Bullets is a product before its time. Long before the current craze for natural products, Jesmona Black Bullets were made purely from sugar, glucose and peppermint oil... no artificial colourings or flavourings at all.

The popularity of Jesmona Black Bullets has continued to increase and they are enjoyed by "Geordies" everywhere, and by those who have been tempted by the stylish black and white tins while on holiday in the North East. Today, Jesmona Black Bullets are available to enjoy throughout the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Check out the "our partners" page to see who's stocking them near you.

Jesmona Black Bullets are now available in 250g and 500g tins, 120g pre-packed bags, 2.72kg (wrapped) and 3.63kg (unwrapped) jars, and 3.18kg bags.



100 Years on... an expanded range

2006 marked the centenary of Jesmona Black Bullets. To mark this important event we launched 3 new lines in the ever popular 250g sized tins. These have specifically been designed to correspond with the recognisable Jesmona heritage and design, while at the same time showcasing the art of the traditional confectioner.

Following popular demand, a further line - Orchard Fruits - has recently been added to the range (summer 2008). This is a selection of fruit flavoured, hard boiled sweets with soft jammy centres, and we hope that this will be followed by 2 further lines - Chocolate Fruits (with chocolate centres), and Sherbet Fruits (with sherbet centres) in Spring 2009.

Following an agreement with a national distributor, the availability of these products, and the original Jesmona Black Bullets should be more wide spread. Look out for them in an outlet near you...!